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Barclay James Harvest - Gone To Earth (1977)

Barclay James Harvest - Gone To Earth (Full Album) 1977

Track List:
1."Hymn" (John Lees) - 0:03
2."Love is Like a Violin" (Lees) - 5:12
3."Friend of Mine" (Les Holroyd) - 9:17
4."Poor Man's Moody Blues" (Lees) - 12:52
5."Hard Hearted Woman" (Holroyd) - 19:50
6."Sea of Tranquility" (Woolly Wolstenholme) - 24:11
7."Spirit on the Water" (Holroyd) - 28:22
8."Leper's Song" (Lees) - 33:12
9."Taking Me Higher" (Holroyd) - 36:50

Gone To Earth is an album by the English rock group Barclay James Harvest released in 1977. It reached #30 in the UK charts, but in Germany it peaked at #10 and stayed for 197 weeks in the German album charts. As of 2011 it is ranked #6 on the list of longest running albums in the German album charts. Only the My Fair Lady soundtrack and albums by Simon & Garfunkel (Greatest Hits), The Beatles (1962-1966), Pink Floyd (Wish You Were Here), and Andrea Berg (Best Of) spent more weeks in the charts. It was the band's largest selling album, eventually selling more than a million copies worldwide.

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